Our Volunteers Are The Best!

We love groups of all sizes!

We have volunteer opportunities both at our sites and at your office or other location. On campus opportunities include reading to children, celebrating holidays, crafts, teaching lesson, or sprucing up the campus. Volunteer groups who aren’t able to be at our site are a huge help assembling homework packets at your location. Listed below are a few ways your group can get involved. Contact Miesha Lewis at mlewis@miescuelita.org or 214.526.0220 ext. 210 to find out how we can work with your group!

Adopt a Classroom Reading Program

Many groups adopt a classroom, which is a fun way to be involved at Mi Escuelita! Your company or organization will form a team of four to six people. Once a month, your group makes a commitment to read to the classes at a campus from 12-12:30 p.m. on a designated day. We promise you’ll look forward to your reading time at Mi Escuelita!

Why it helps: Reading to the children instills in them a love for reading and helps them with pre-reading skills. Exposing the students to a variety of people and accents deepens their understanding of English!

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Assemble Family Literacy Packets

These packets include instructions sheets and materials necessary for the parents and children to work on a project together at home. Your group can assemble the packets either on site at Mi Escuelita or they can be done offsite at your location. We need 3,600 packets done every month, so we are always in need of groups to help with this important part of our program.

Why it helps: We improve literacy in three ways: child literacy (what we teach in the classrooms), parent literacy (activities that help parents learn English or improve their own education), and family literacy time, aka homework time! Parents are expected to spend 20 minutes working on homework with their child each night. These packets provide the parents and children a project to work on together that enhances the parent-child bond, as well as making the parent a partner in their child’s education, and setting aside the time each school night establishes a nightly homework routine for the family that will prove beneficial as the child advances in school.

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Beautifying Our Sites

These projects are done on an as-needed basis and vary from painting to breaking down classrooms to cleaning up playgrounds!

Why it helps: Many of our facilities are in need of a little extra love and any time that a group can donate to help keep things clean and safe for our children means more of our funds can go directly into the classroom.

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Classroom Special Events and Parties Volunteers

We love having groups put on special activities for our children. These events include:

Mad Science in September

Pumpkin Painting in November

Holiday Party and Gift Drive in December

Valentine’s Day & Give a Book with Love in February/span>

Dr. Seuss Reading Celebration in March

Earth Day and Recycle Projects in April

Field Day in April or May

Cinco de Mayo Celebration in May

Have another celebration or idea you’d like to share? Let us know! It’s a chance to think outside the box and have fun with our children and parents.

Why it helps: We love exposing our children to new things and ideas, but with our limited funds we are restricted in what we can do. Your fresh ideas and extra energy can make for an extra special day for our children and a very enjoyable experience for our teachers.

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Organize a Book Drive or Supply Drive

Many of our students do not have books at home. Family finances do not allow for this luxury. You can help get books into the hands of our preschoolers. There is always a need for new and gently used books appropriate for 3-5 yr. olds.

We also need supplies of all kinds – school supplies, classroom toys, paper products, and cleaning supplies. You can view our wish list for more ideas. Each year, supply drives save money that would have been spent buying those classroom supplies and site materials.

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