DPD Kids Summer 8-14 years old


The Dallas Police Department Office of Community Affairs is excited to be hosting DPD Kids Summer break Tour! Registration opens May 27, 2019 on Eventbrite for all 3 dates! Groups are welcome to register.  Pick a date to attend and bring your kids to enjoy a tour of Jack Evans Police Headquarters, safety presentations, and a Squad Car show & Tell! We hope to see you there!.  Don’t miss this fun filled event, where we are mixing summer fun with safety!  Please share!FLYER DPD KIDS SUMMER BREAK TOUR

Children’s Comprehensive Health Guide


Hello everyone,

Here are additional resources on educational guides on children's health from newborn to preteen. You can promote children’s well-being by learning how their bodies grow, what diseases or disorders to look out for and how to identify risky products.

(Children's Health Guide: Newborn to Preteen)


Parent/ Child home activities

Dear Parents,

We would like to work in partnership with you in helping your child succeed academically. Your help is very important to us and with your help your child will achieve many goals. This website will give you fun and  easy activity ideas  that families can do together to help support important school readiness skills for children ages 0-6.

View example activity videos below!



Enjoy !!

Developmentally Appropriate Apps For Young Children

Educators and parents need to understand the importance of infusing technology into instructional strategies in the classroom and home. In the field of education one must become a strong advocate for embedding:

  • Meaningful
  • Intentional
  • Developmentally Appropriate
  • Culturally Appropriate

uses of technology into our early childhood programs and homes.

Take a moment to read over a brochure outlining the benefits and best practices of using technology with young children.

Download the Apps Brochure