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    Nurture children’s developmental skills emphasizing language skills. Learning Accomplishment Profile (LAP 3) scores indicate that on average children entering Mi Escuelita are performing at a developmental skill level that is 5.5 months lower than their chronological age. At the end of the school year they test at an average level of developmental functioning that is 5.7 months greater than would be expected for their chronological age.

    Increase children’s English language vocabulary.

    Based on Developmental Indicators for the Assessment of Learning Third Edition (DIAL-3) scores, children attending Mi Escuelita for two years show an average improvement in English Concepts from the 17th percentile to the 58th percentile and from the 15th percentile to the 66th percentile for English language skills.

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    Ensure that children’s English language skills are strong enough that they qualify to transition from Mi Escuelita to English speaking kindergarten classrooms.

    Each year, 95% of children graduating from Mi Escuelita qualify to transition directly to English speaking classrooms. This alleviates the need for higher cost bilingual education and enables children to avoid remedial English education, thus helping to lower their chances of dropping out of school in later years.

    Actively engage parents in their children’s education. Parent participation in a child’s education is one of the lead indicators of future academic success. During the 2010/11 school year, 75% of Mi Escuelita parents participated in family literacy activities and 100% of parents were engaged in parent education and family support activities.

    Mi Escuelita has engaged the University of Texas at Dallas, School of Economic, Political, and Policy Sciences to study how Mi Escuelita children do in the school system. This study will compare data for those children who attended Mi Escuelita with the data for children who attended other PreK programs and Dallas Independent School District (DISD) children overall. The study will follow children through 3rd grade and will compare math scores, reading levels, and on-time grade to grade transition. Results will be posted once available.