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    We love groups of volunteers! There are so many different ways groups can get involved, but listed below are a few ways groups have frequently volunteered their time. Adopting a classroom requires a regular commitment, but the rest of the activities can be a one-time or sporadic event! In addition, over the course of the year many needs not listed here come up that are perfect for groups. Contact Roxanne Pittman at or 214.526.0220 ext. 210 to find out how we can work with your group!

    Adopt a Classroom Reading Program

    Many companies and groups adopt a classroom, which is a very fun way to get involved here at Mi Escuelita! They form teams of four.  Each team adopts one classroom for one day a week and makes a commitment to read to the class from 12:00 noon-12:30 PM on their designated day. The four teammates share the responsibility with each taking one day a month to come read to their class!


    Number: Any multiple of four! Or whichever way you’d like to breakdown the teams!

    Time: 30 minutes, 12:00 noon-12:30 PM, one day a week for the team, one day a month for each teammate.

    Skills: Patience, ability to read in English, a good smile!

    Why it helps: Reading to the kids encourages in them a love for reading and helps them with pre-reading skills. Exposing the kids to various people and accents deepens their understanding of English!

    Be a Classroom Assistant for the Day

    Help our children learn more about their world and the people in it:

    Help our teachers in the classrooms: Come before 11:00 AM and work with the children as they work on their lessons, help them with a craft project, or organize games on the playground.

    Bring an Arts and Crafts Activity:  Your group can prepare and bring an age-appropriate arts and crafts activity to do with the children (we can give guidance and/or ideas).  This is a great activity that is very fun for the children, teachers and the volunteers!

    Teach a lesson: We’ve had people do presentations on personal safety, teeth brushing, hand washing, nutrition, safety with animals, and a variety of topics relating to our lesson plans. Usually these activities are scheduled of 30 minute in each classroom.

    Organize a field day of outdoor activities for the children: Teach our children about team work and being physically active while having fun.


    Number: 4-12 people is ideal; group size depends on the location

    Time: 30 minutes – 2 hours preferably between 9:00 -11:30 AM, or between 2:30-4:00 PM

    Skills: Patience, love for kids, a good smile, or hands-on props and a good plan if you’re teaching a lesson!

    Why it helps:  Our children get to hear English spoken with different accents and inflections, they get to meet new people from different walks of life, and giving them more one-on-one attention helps them learn! Kids are like sponges—they soak up new information, so lessons about nutrition, etc., start good habits early!

    Assemble Family Literacy Packets (homework)

    These packets are plastic bags with sheets of instructions and materials necessary for the parents and children to work on a project together. They can either be done here on site, or they can be done offsite, like at a school or in an office break room. We need 3,600 packets done every month, so we are happy to have a group come and assemble 50, or 5,000!


    Number: 2-200! (The more the better)

    Time: You need to set aside at least an hour to set up and get into it, can be done any time!

    Skills: Patience for repetition

    Why it helps: We improve literacy in three ways: child literacy (what we teach in the classrooms), parent literacy (activities that help parents learn English or improve their own education), and family literacy time, aka homework time! Every night the parent is expected to spend 20 minutes working on homework with their child. Three nights a week they check out books from our library and read to them, and the other two nights a week they work together on projects for school. These packets give the parents and children a project to work on together that enhances the parent-child bond, the activity makes the parent a partner in their child’s education, and setting aside the time each school night establishes a nightly homework routine for the family.

    Sprucing Up Sites

    These projects are done on an as-needed basis and vary from painting to breaking down classrooms, to cleaning up playgrounds!


    Number: 8-40, depending on the project

    Time: 3-5 hours or more, depends on the project.

    Skills: Willing hands! If you have groups with any particular skill that we can use, even better!

    Why it helps: Many of our facilities are in need of a little extra love and any time that a group can donate to help keep things clean and safe for our children means more of our funds can go directly into the classroom

    Party/Special Event Volunteers

    We love having groups put on special activities for our children such as Field Days, “Bring a Book to Life” or Fairytale Balls (in place of Halloween), Holiday parties, Easter Egg hunts, or a Week of the Young Child carnival. It’s a chance to think outside the box and have fun with our children and parents.


    Number:  depends on the location and the event, but generally pretty flexible

    Time: At least an hour or two

    Skills: Enjoy being with children, a good smile, and some prep time to bring activities and a plan

    Why it helps: We love exposing our children to new things and ideas, and with our limited funds sometimes we are restricted in what we can do.  Your fresh ideas and extra energy can make for an extra special day for our children and a very enjoyable experience for our teachers.

    Science Projects

    We love having groups come into our classrooms and engage our children in science experiments. They can be very simple or elaborate and we’re happy to provide guidance on what would work with our preschool aged children.


    Number:  1-15 people, depending on the location and activity

    Time: At least an hour, maybe two

    Skills: Enjoy being with children, a good smile, engaging, and some prep time to bring activities and a plan

    Why it helps: Science and math are areas where we are building up our curriculum.  We want to expose our children to new ideas and getting them engaged and excited about science. Having volunteers come in and do science activities with the children adds an extra level of excitement and interest and it is a great service to our teachers.

    Holiday Volunteers

    Classroom Santa

    Adopt a class for the holidays.  Organize a gift drive or host a holiday party for children in the class and play Santa with a delivery of holiday presents.

    Organize a Donations Drive

    Mi Escuelita is always in need of in-kind donations especially particularly school supplies and paper goods. For groups that can’t make it out of the office but would like to do something to make a big difference, organizing a donations drive is a great fit. For more information about what is needed, see our wish list on our website or inquire for more details.