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  • Circle of Friends is a great way to make a donation, have fun and share good times with your friends!

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    Start Your Circle Today
    Starting a Circle of Friends can be as simple as gathering one or two neighbors, co-workers, small groups or friends. The goal is to gather a group of people who want to work together, have fun and join in on donating to Mi Escuelita Preschool.

    Getting Started Is Easy

    1. Gather your Circle of Friends
    2. Complete the Circle of Friends membership application
    3. Contact Mi Escuelita office for “Starter Kit”
    4. Send in a one-time $10 processing fee
    5. Select your leader
    6. Select a name for your Circle of Friends
    7. Select your “friend raising” project (Project Ideas Below)
    8. Start having fun!

    Contact Information
    Tai McLemore
    P.O. Box 191487
    Dallas, TX 75219
    (214) 526-0220 x202